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Please use these articles in your studies or to distribute and teach others. Some of these have been published in our weekly newsletter and some in the Anderson County News. Feel free to use them as you see fit, we ask that you keep the original author's name and contact information with the article.

Thank you


A clean or clear Conscience David Lanius4/19/2006
"For - Eis" David Lanius8/2/2006
"Let Us" David Lanius11/19/2014
"One Another" in the Bible David Lanius11/12/2014
"Thou Shall Not Judge" David Lanius3/19/2014
A Big Difference David Lanius10/10/2012
A Gospel Preacher's Qualifications David Lanius2/17/2016
A part of the Lord David Lanius12/24/2008
A Piece Of Paper David Lanius7/15/2015
A Recipe For Sound Health Steve Hardin4/13/2016
A Spiritual heart David Lanius10/19/2005
A time to cry David Lanius5/12/2010
A very old church David Lanius4/30/2008
Abide David Lanius11/2/2011
Abraham and Obedience David Lanius1/23/2008
Adam's Sin and Mine David Lanius3/13/2013
Adulterers and Marriage David Lanius9/24/2014
Advantage David Lanius9/8/2010
Alcohol and Heaven David Lanius6/25/2014
Alcohol and Social Drinking David Lanius2/3/2010

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